Professional PR campaigns for upcoming bands on a budget

Since 2001, we have been gaining experience within the Music Industry.
From hosting gigs with unsigned bands, to releasing albums, touring with International acts, Record Label experience and selling out venues with award winners.

And because of this, we are now offering a PR service, support and the contacts we have made.

If you're an upcoming band with limited funds and you need a hand promoting a single, an album or have something you want people to know about, then get in touch. We can get your release out there, reviewed and people discovering your music in the early steps of your music career.

PR Campaign
Including Professional Press Release creation and mail out to relevant media (blogs / magazine / radio)

Email: jumpinghurdles@hotmail.com


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CLIENT: DEERS - “EP1” RELEASEWe are currently organising press and reviews for phenomenal Norwich band Deers who have recently released their first offering “EP1” as a free download!Download for free at: www.soundcloud.com/wearedeers/sets/ep1For fans of: Brand New, Minus The Bear and early Biffy Clyro 

We are currently organising press and reviews for phenomenal Norwich band Deers who have recently released their first offering “EP1” as a free download!

Download for free at: www.soundcloud.com/wearedeers/sets/ep1

For fans of: Brand New, Minus The Bear and early Biffy Clyro 

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CLIENT: THE EGG - Hair Salon

The Egg Logo

We’re happy to announce that we’re now working with popular Norwich salon THE EGG. Known for their high standards, comfortable modern salon, latest cutting and colouring styles and very friendly staff.

New customers get 15% off their first cut! Definately worth taking them up on that!

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You can now follow us on twitter.Plenty of general chatter, banter and music discussions

You can now follow us on twitter.
Plenty of general chatter, banter and music discussions

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Music Alive: April 1st, Norwich

Music Alive, Norwich

We’ll be at Music Alive on Friday chatting to people within the Industry as well as Norwich locals. Handing out flyers so make sure you grab one! 

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What we can offer you

Knowing just how expensive a PR campaign can cost (having paid for PR services ourselves), our idea is to provide a service to upcoming bands on a budget, to be the first PR firm they use, their introduction as to what PR can do for their band.

After gaining years of experience as a promoter, interning at Record Labels, as a band manager, touring and as an Artist, we’ve build up a healthy list of contacts within the Music Industry.

Quite simply put, we play to the strengths of our clients, contacting a number of blogs, online / print magazines to publicise their news, and in terms of single releases; we even have some university radio contacts and advice on getting your music heard.

So if you’re looking to get your band into the public’s eye, if you’ve got a single or album release, forthcoming tour or news that you want sharing, please email us to discuss what we can do for you.

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